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Retaliation / December 6, 2015

Trucker Wins $2 Million In Harassment Lawsuit Against Former Employer

$2.2 Million Award For Sexual And Racial Harassment

Raymond Rosas, a former restaurant supply truck driver, was awarded $2.2 million after he claimed that he suffered extreme sexual and racial harassment by his former employer in 2011 and 2012.

Pictures Of Penis On Paycheck

Rosas's lawsuit claimed that Rosenberg would draw "a picture of a penis" on his paychecks "almost every week," would "repeatedly try and grab Rosas's buttocks," and would "repeatedly stick his tongue out" and try to lick Rosas's face.  

"You Must Have A Latin Attitude."

Rosas also claimed that his supervisor, Mark Balter, regularly talked down to minority drivers. When Rosas, who is Latino, asked Balter to stop, Balter allegedly replied, "What is it with you guys . . . you must have a Latin attitude."  

Balter also allegedly told Rosas, "I can't believe the way things are going in the recession that you can tell me that you think I am talking (offensively)." 

Employee Accused Of Stealing And Fired After Complaining About Harassment

Shortly after raising issues of harassment at the company, the company fired Rosas and for allegedly stealing boxes of equipment from the company.  The company even filed a policy report but the charges were subsequently dropped.

Jury Punished Employer For Treatment Of Employee 

Rosas filed his lawsuit shortly after he was fired.  The company filed a counter-suit against Rosas claiming that he stole boxes of restaurant equipment worth $700. 

Rosas argued that the company fired him and filed the police report as retribution for his speaking up about harassment at the company.  

The jury agreed with Rosas and awarded him $2.2 million and dismissed the company's counter-suit.

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