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Featured / October 30, 2023

Recovering Unpaid Wages in California: Your Path to Justice

Welcome to Sani Law! Our commitment is to advocate for the rights of employees who have faced unfair treatment in the workplace, including wage disputes such as unpaid overtime wages, minimum wages, missed meal breaks, rest breaks, and unreimbursed expenses. If you find yourself in a situation where your employer has failed to pay you what you are owed, this article will guide you on how to recover unpaid wages in California and seek the justice you deserve.

Know Your Rights:

Understanding your rights as an employee is the first step towards recovering unpaid wages. Familiarize yourself with California's wage and hour laws, which set forth minimum wage requirements, overtime pay, and meal and rest break regulations. Know your job classification, as exempt and non-exempt employees have different wage and hour protections. For more detailed information, refer to California Labor Code sections 510-551 and 1194-1197.

Keep Detailed Records:

Accurate documentation of your work hours, wages, and any missed breaks is crucial when pursuing a wage claim. Maintain pay stubs, timesheets, work schedules, and any communication related to your compensation. These records will serve as essential evidence to support your case. California Labor Code section 226 requires employers to provide itemized wage statements that include specific details about your pay.

Communicate with Your Employer:

In some instances, unpaid wage issues may arise due to misunderstandings or administrative errors. Initiate a conversation with your employer to discuss the matter and seek a resolution. Be respectful and professional in your communication, but ensure you assert your rights. California Labor Code section 2810.5 requires employers to provide written notice of certain employment information, including wage rates, at the time of hiring.

File a Wage Claim:

If communicating with your employer does not lead to a resolution, consider filing a wage claim with the appropriate agency. In California, you can file a claim with the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE), also known as the Labor Commissioner's Office. The DLSE will investigate your claim and may schedule a conference or hearing to resolve the dispute. For more information on how to file a claim, refer to the DLSE's website.

Consult with a Wage and Hour Attorney:

Seeking the guidance of an experienced wage and hour attorney can significantly strengthen your case. A skilled attorney can assess the merits of your claim, gather additional evidence, and navigate the complexities of the legal process on your behalf. They will advocate for your rights and negotiate with your employer to pursue a fair settlement. For legal representation, you can find resources through the California State Bar website or consult with our firm's experienced attorneys.

Consider a Class Action Lawsuit:

In some situations, multiple employees may have experienced similar unpaid wage violations. In such cases, a class action lawsuit may be appropriate. This collective legal action allows a group of employees to seek justice and recover unpaid wages together, amplifying the impact of their claims. California Labor Code sections 2698-2699.6 govern class action claims under the Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA).

Beware of Retaliation:

Filing a wage claim is your legal right, and California law protects employees from retaliation for asserting their rights. If you experience any adverse actions from your employer in response to your claim, document these incidents and seek legal counsel to protect your rights. California Labor Code section 98.6 outlines the prohibition against employer retaliation.


Recovering unpaid wages in California is possible with the right knowledge and support. Understanding your rights, maintaining detailed records, communicating with your employer, and filing a wage claim are essential steps in seeking justice. With the guidance of a dedicated wage and hour attorney, you can navigate the legal process effectively and work towards a resolution that upholds your rights as an employee. As an esteemed employment law firm, we are here to assist you in your pursuit of unpaid wages and ensure fair compensation for the hardships you have endured. Together, we can stand up against wage violations and contribute to a fair and just working environment for all employees in California. If you need legal assistance with your wage claim, schedule a consultation with our experienced attorneys today.

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