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Featured / October 27, 2023

Navigating Retaliation: Protecting Your Rights After Filing a Wage and Hour Claim in California

In our offices at Sani Law, we are committed to upholding the rights of employees who have faced injustice in the workplace. One of these crucial rights is the ability to file a wage and hour claim without fear of retaliation from your employer. Retaliation can take various forms, such as termination, demotion, or harassment, and it is essential to know that California law protects you from such actions. In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of addressing retaliation after filing a wage and hour claim and ensuring your rights are safeguarded.

Documenting Retaliation:

In any retaliation case, evidence is crucial. Start by documenting all incidents related to retaliation, including changes in job duties, negative performance reviews, or sudden negative treatment. Keeping detailed records will help support your claim and establish a clear pattern of retaliation.

Consulting an Employment Law Attorney:

When facing retaliation, seeking legal advice is paramount. An experienced employment law attorney can evaluate your situation, inform you of your rights, and guide you through the legal process. They will be your advocate, ensuring your interests are protected and that you take the appropriate steps to address the retaliation.

Reviewing Employment Policies:

Take the time to review your employer's policies and employee handbook to understand the procedures for addressing retaliation complaints internally. By following these guidelines, you can escalate your concerns within the company and create a paper trail of your efforts to resolve the issue.

Filing a Retaliation Complaint:

If internal measures prove ineffective, consider filing a retaliation complaint with the relevant government agency. In California, you can file a complaint with the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE) or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) based on the nature of the retaliation.

Cooperating with Investigations:

If your retaliation complaint leads to an investigation, cooperate fully with the authorities. Present all relevant evidence and information to substantiate your claim. The investigative agency will assess the evidence to determine the validity of your retaliation allegations.

Maintaining Professionalism:

While facing retaliation can be distressing, maintaining professionalism in the workplace is essential. Continue performing your job duties diligently and avoid any actions that could be perceived as retaliatory on your part. Professionalism will strengthen your credibility during any legal proceedings.

Pursuing Legal Action:

If the investigation reveals evidence of retaliation, you may be entitled to remedies such as reinstatement, back pay, and compensation for emotional distress. Your employment law attorney will work diligently to negotiate a resolution with your employer or pursue legal action if necessary.


Experiencing retaliation after filing a wage and hour claim is an unjust situation that no employee should face. At our employment law firm, we stand ready to support you throughout this challenging process. Documenting retaliation, seeking legal advice, and following internal procedures are crucial steps in addressing the issue. Remember, you have the right to assert your rights without fear of retaliation. By seeking legal assistance and taking appropriate actions, you can protect your rights and stand up against retaliation, ensuring a fair and just working environment for all employees in California.

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